Corona rules 2021

Due to COVID-19, the following changes and rules apply to the 2021 Championship format


As always Racehall will do our best to ensure that time spent at the track during championship will be enjoyable for everyone. As a professional sporting event ensuring everyone’s safety, is paramount. Here are the guidelines for Racehall of Champions 2021.

These guidelines take into consideration, that participants will come from all over Europe so as consequence also from the countries, where pandemic restrictions may vary from those in Denmark.

In the main Racehall building wearing protective mask is mandatory. Not obeying this rule may be penalized in the championship.

Inside the Racehall building there will be officials responsible only for checking if everyone is wearing a protective mask.

It is possible to buy protective masks at the reception desk.

Please make sure to regularly use the hand sanitizers which will be provided at the main entrance and in the restaurant (Sallie’s Race Lounge).

Entering the track is possible only with a helmet on. If you do not have your own helmet, please enter the track with a balaclava / helmet sock on.

It is possible to buy a balaclava / helmet sock in the reception area.

It is possible to rent a helmet free of charge.

Gloves are mandatory during all races (full gloves, without holes, don’t need to be special racing gloves).

It is possible to buy gloves at the Racehall reception.

During the race, only drivers taking part in the race may stay in the track side (mandatory with helmets on).

In the junior and kids category, the guardian can help with ballast weight and next must leave the track side.

Drivers taking part in the next race must remain in the special zone (with helmets on) until getting permission to get into the go-karts.

Races can be watched by spectators from the restaurant, the restaurant balcony, the sides of the track or live broadcast on screens throughout the building.

After each race, TOP 3 drivers go directly to the podium area, with protective masks on. Here they will receive prizes and have their photo taken and published on the RACEHALL Facebook profiles and website.

Briefing by video format is only available on-line – insert link.

Please reduce the extra persons (accompanying, etc.) to a minimum.

In the restaurant, the tables will be placed according to actual Ministry of Health restrictions and guidelines. Please ensure you follow these guidelines!

There will be special “ordering zone”. The drinks need to be picked up directly after ordering, while food will be delivered directly to the table. It is possible to order take-away food.

In the Racehall building areas will be made available with tables and benches, where guests in the special safety distance will have option to watch the championship or get rest after race.

There will be provided detailed schedule with races to minimalize the waiting time for the race. It is possible that there will be a few more statements before the start of the event. Remember that all restrictions are for your safety and to take part in Racehall of Champions 2021 under the safest possible conditions.



Upon arrival you must provide proof of a negative Covid-19 test.

There is a testcenter 1,2km from Racehall. Testing is free, including for foreigners. We advise you are tested no later, than the day before your arrival at Racehall to ensure sufficient time for test results to arrive.