By shopping at Racehall and affiliated, you accept the following guidelines / conditions for purchase. We reserve the right, from time to time, to make changes to these guidelines. If we make such changes, an updated version of this purchase policy will be available on our website. Therefore, we recommend that you regularly stay updated on the current terms and conditions. All purchases are subject to the current version of these guidelines / conditions, at the time of purchase. If you are unable to accept or agree to a revised version of this Purchase Policy, do not make a purchase.

About the relationship between the ticket buyer and Racehall:

Validity of tickets
Always buy your ticket (s) from an authorized ticket broker.

Racehall does not assume responsibility for the validity of tickets purchased outside of Racehall and the organizer’s official sales channels and locations. So always buy ticket (s) from an authorized ticket broker. Then you get your ticket (s) at the right price. And you are sure of the validity of the tickets.

Racehalls role as communicator
Racehall only mediates the sale of tickets between the ticket buyer and the responsible organizer.

Pursuant to “Section 17 (2) of the Consumer Contracts Act, cf. section 9 (2) no. 2a”, the purchase of tickets is not covered by the right of withdrawal. However, Racehall provides a special service to customers, including a special right of withdrawal. Read more about buying other goods / services at the bottom of

Replacement tickets
As a service in connection with the vast majority of events, Racehall will be able to issue replacement tickets if your physical tickets do not arrive, are lost or have been damaged. Contact our Service Center on tel. +45 86280170, if you need to have your tickets replaced. It costs the ticket fee per. ticket + DKK 50 in administration costs. When issuing replacement tickets, the original tickets are invalidated. Once a replacement ticket has been printed, it is not possible to cancel the order.
Change of ticket name
For events where personal tickets are required, it is possible for the original ticket buyer to change the name of one or more tickets by contacting the Racehall Service Center. The ticket buyer simply has to state the last 4 digits of the card number the payment was originally made with, as well as the order number of the purchase. The price is DKK 45 per person. name being changed.

Refund and cancellation
Purchased tickets are refundable for up to 3 days (72 hours) after the ticket purchase. In case of cancellation, however, please contact the responsible organizer for further information and any refunds. In such cases, tickets are always refunded to the ticket buyer. As a ticket agent, Racehall is not liable for a refund in connection with a cancellation. Racehall seeks to contractually ensure that organizers refund the ticket purchase sums in the event of cancellations, but we cannot assume any commercial responsibility for this.

About payment and right of withdrawal

At Racehall and affiliate websites, payment is received with the following payment methods and payment cards:
VISA / Dankort

Note: Some foreign credit cards are not accepted online by Racehall for security reasons. You are welcome to contact our Service Center on tel. +45 86280170, if you have any questions.

Personally identifiable information (name, address, etc.) is stored and transmitted in a closed network. This information is therefore not accessible from the Internet. All payment information is sent encrypted to Nets via Quickpay or Clear House.

Right of withdrawal
Pursuant to “Section 17 (2) of the Consumer Contracts Act, cf. section 9 (2) no. 2a”, the purchase of tickets is not covered by the right of withdrawal.

Exercise of the right of withdrawal
You can read more about the right of withdrawal and exceptions to this on the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority’s website

About access to an event
Check the ticket information, including event, date / time and address.
The barcode on the ticket only allows access for one person, unless otherwise stated. Illegal copying or resale of tickets may result in you being denied access to the event. Racehall and the organizer have no responsibility for problems caused by illegal copying and / or resale of tickets.
There will often be restrictions on what effects may be brought to the event eg. drinks, cans, bottles, food, camera, video equipment, laser sticks, chairs, umbrellas, fireworks, weapons and the like.

General terms and conditions
The purchase agreement is covered by the general rules of Danish law.
A binding agreement has only been entered into when Racehall has received / registered payment.
We reserve the right to change these terms without prior notice. Changes then apply to subsequent orders. It is your responsibility to check whether there have been any changes in the terms.

Racehall reserves the right to make errors and omissions in prices and descriptions – including sold-out events.