-The weight indicates a minimum weight requirement, for the individual driver.

-The weight includes equipment (such as, but not limited to gloves, helmet, etc.)

-If you do not reach the minimum weight requirement , the kart will be compensated with lead blocks.

-It is always the driver’s responsibility that the weight requirement is met.

-RHOC’s staff will at random check weight requirements of drivers are met.

-Failure to comply will result in the driver being subtracted by up to 15 positions.

-Failure to comply more than once, will result in exclusion from the race.

-There is a max. of 30 kg. weight add-on to each karts)

-Underweight during the 5-Hour Le Mans will be punished with 1 lap for every 5 kg interval.

Prizes and Trophies: 

-Prizes and Trophies will be awarded to the 3 best in each individual classes.

-Prizes and Trophies will be awarded to the 3 best teams within the 5-hour Le Mans.

5 Hours Le Mans

The 4 weight classes:

65 kg. Class
85 kg. Class

100 kg. Class
110 kg.

There is a maximum of 30 teams in total, so please sign up early!


You must be 15 years old to participate. (The only exception is if you have a karting license.)

Minimum height is 145 cm.

Minimum 3 drivers, maximum 5 drivers for the 5 hour Le Mans.

A complete list of all drivers within the Team must be handed over to the race marshal 5 hours prior to the race.

There must be a minimum of 3 kart changes (although this doesn’t have to be a driver change).

ALL drivers must be present at the drivers briefing, prior to the race.



Weight classes will be nominated by 4 different colors on the neck support on the go-kart.

The Le Mans starts with 12 minutes of practice.

Followed by 8 minutes of qualifying.

The driver that takes the qualifying rounds, must also start the race (5 Hours Le Mans).

Radiocommunication is allowed throughout the race. 


Change of kart must be done in designated pit lane.Flags and signals must always be obeyed.

The Team may at any time change and take the first kart in one of the two designated lanes.

The Transponder will have to follow the team and will be mounted on the new kart, included weight requirements.

Choice of kart will be made by random draw, before the race starts.

Individual Championship

5 Classes and requirements:

Kids Class (must be 120 cm and no taller than 145cm and no older than 11 years)

Junior Class (Adult karts, under 15 years old, min. 150 cm tall, all drivers are weighted up to 70 kg.

65 kg. (Over 15 years old).

85kg, (must be 150 cm and 16 years old)

100kg, (must be 150 cm and 16 years old)

110kg . (Over 40 years old, min.150 cm tall, all drivers are weighted up to a minimum of 110 kg)


The race consists of 4heats (3 qualifying races and 1 finale race).

Each race consists of 3 minutes of qualifying race followed by a 10 minute heat.

The finale starts with a 3-minute warmup, followed by a 12 minute heat.



The starting position in the finale, will be decided, by the results of the qualifying heats.

Points are awarded in each heat whereby the number 1 Driver gets one point and the number two Driver gets 2 points, etc.

The final results of the finale will be counted as the winning result of the day.